Thursday, April 24, 2008

the donut talk

as i am typing this... i am asking my PT if i can have my donut! hehhehe :D i went out during lunch to get some office stuff for the customer service counter. so here goes,

me: i am going out now
pt: okay... enjoy lunch
me: i am having donuts! and i am going to get my gloves. (dont ask what're the gloves for)
pt: no...!! donut is not good.. hmmm did you see donut in my food list? (the one that pt gave me)
me: you did not write there 'no donuts'? (errkksss)
pt: i write only all the things that you can eat... not donuts (hmmmm)
me: hehhehe :D hmm ok lah

and just look at these delicious donuts!!! slllruuppp nyummmmm. thank you SA for the donuts sponsorship... hehehe :D

and not forgetting ... my gloves.. heh... heh.. semangat tuh... and today... for sure i will be getting extra workout ... :( for having donut and mayo! :P ihik..ihik... pengsan la gua!!!