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by - April 08, 2008

it has been raining for the past few days. and today i am feeling extra tired and sleepy... goshhh i was really forcing myself to stay awake while driving to work!!!

for todays posting - cant think of a good title just yet. what have i been doing yeah? errmm... work i guess most of the time. havent been really out with friends. my brain is just not working now :D :P why aahh? oh yes... i had a great time on the weekend. it was full.. and satisfactory full with joelis and AD.

tuesday: attended a meet up at the prince hotel with XanGo president, mr kent wood. and looking at the graphs on how those people make money, it was so exciting..!! who would have thought that our very malaysian fruit, mangosteen (manggis) can give lots of benefits to the public! and it has become a worldwide market leader that combines a sensational flavor and proven benefits through a proprietary whole-fruit formula!

: i was at work till around 5pm i think. called up lisa, and she informed me that her outing with her dad is cancelled. so, i made another plan, coz i thought i'd have other things to do when joelis are out with their dad. well, anyway... asked joelis to be ready as i will be on the way home, and will take them anywhere i go. AD was with us the whole weekend. we visited a bicycle shop, AD saw a bicycle that he might like. then, we went to N3's friend's house to take the projector for kids to watch spiderwick at home.. her house was near the zoo. AD asked, what that place was.. so, i asked him, how long has he been in malaysia? 3 years he said... and he has not been to any of the tourist attraction places. hmmmm not good... so that very moment, we, joelis and i took AD to the zoo... sadly i did not have the camera with me... and my phone battery was flat :( so... sorry people... no pics :( although the snakes and frogs looked pretty cool... especially the green slimy ones on the leaves... hahaha :D lol after the visit, we had a nice dinner after that at bora ombak, ampang and sent AD home just after 9pm.

oh yes, i was pretty disturbed by someone - so-called friend few days ago. it was sad that she could behaved such a way. ahh well... its over... but perhaps i just needed to put it up here to share with my dear readers/friends who read my blog. basic rule in friendship, 'you dont ask your friend's boyfriend/girlfriend out for a drink in the middle of the night - no matter how bored you are - or lonely...' gosh... i so want to use the not so nice word here but... ahhh... control ein... control... wtf! whhopppsss..... it slipped

sunday: i had a presentation about XanGo at home. invited a few guests. and AD did the talking.. hehehe :D insyaAllah i will get people to sign up :) it was a good feeling when we get to share the benefits of the mangosteen juice, and listen to testimonials on how the juice has helped many people. we ended the session by 1130am... joelis had to prepare for their music class. AD stayed in joey's drum class. and after that, we sent AD home. the sky was already so cloudy. looks like its gonna be heavy rain again. AD smsed just when i was thinking about him :) he asked if we wanna go and play bowling. but that was already 6pm... by the time we get ready, it will be maghrib... so, i suggested that we go for a movie instead. :) but, the guys will have to follow the movie that the girls choose - 27 dresses! hehehhe :D it was a good movie, funny. joey had fun... so did lisa... waaahhh... kalau pasal romantic comedy... hmmpphh... :D

where the hell is this candidate...? hmm some people just dont appreciate being called for interview *sigh*

okay lahh.... i better get more work done today! chow babes... ;)

ein is on cloud 9.... :D :P hehehehe :D

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