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pot pet pot pet

thats how my youngest niece sounded like if she has started to talk non stop. she is errmm 3 years old... :D can you imagine how chatty she can be? she has been wanting to be my daughter last weekend... hehehe :D simply because she has been in my car, and we have a dvd player where she can watch a movie. :D

felt like this weekend i had so much things to do. started with...

saturday: morning, breakfast at ali's bistro. sent lisa to clinic. later, went for house view with kalam's clan. :D hmmm nice big house, enough for everyone... check out the pics that i took with my hp. not bad... the rooms are bigger.. and kitchen's cabinet is still good.
then, went to the guesthouse to check on the condition. it was clean! hmmm... my guests actually cleaned up the whole house before they left.. :) how nice. and then, got home... showered again... to get ready to go to work. then off to lowyat to change the printer's ink and had my lunch at 430pm! later, drive home.. watched af6's …

whats going on

have you ever felt that suddenly you are lost? it's like.... everything is running/moving too fast - or happening so fast around you and, you feel lost!? or loss...?? which is the right word? and you feel very light as though you are dreaming... or as though you are in a dream. but in reality you are not? i am in my office for goodness sake!


the donut talk

as i am typing this... i am asking my PT if i can have my donut! hehhehe :D i went out during lunch to get some office stuff for the customer service counter. so here goes,

me: i am going out now
pt: okay... enjoy lunch
me: i am having donuts! and i am going to get my gloves. (dont ask what're the gloves for)
pt: no...!! donut is not good.. hmmm did you see donut in my food list? (the one that pt gave me)
me: you did not write there 'no donuts'? (errkksss)
pt: i write only all the things that you can eat... not donuts (hmmmm)
me: hehhehe :D hmm ok lah

and just look at these delicious donuts!!! slllruuppp nyummmmm. thank you SA for the donuts sponsorship... hehehe :D

and not forgetting ... my gloves.. heh... heh.. semangat tuh... and today... for sure i will be getting extra workout ... :( for having donut and mayo! :P ihik..ihik... pengsan la gua!!!


i am a dreamer... i was dreaming the whole journey to the office today. these were my thoughts.

had the precious 15 minutes talking to dato' yesterday. havent been talking to him for a long long time. i mean really talk. :) do i miss those moments with him? yes i do, but we have been busy, the same goes to the angels. we hardly see each other. and this morning i heard angelina's song in the car, and gave her a quick sms.

AD has been in my mind too while driving... and i was dreaming.. :) and somehow, i felt that he is thinking of me too.. duhhhh.... dreamer! :P but hey... it was true! he messaged me and told me that.. ahah!! your thoughts can do wonders!

last night's family meeting. yeah we do have meetings every now and then. i kinda enjoy having the meeting as that is the time we talk about certain issues around the house. of course the main agenda is about our parents and the future planning. N3 being the most balanced one. N1 too many ideas, not enough time and resources,…

lovin it

its monday and i am feeling fresh... :) traffic was bad in the morning but i still feel good!

i just went to my online album.. and i love looking at the strawberry moment album. we looked like we really had fun!! so, i guess next time if i feel down... i can just look back into that album!

whoopss... 530pm people... time for the next shift! ;)

ein is logging out.

family quality times :)

part I: another day with the elephants... hehehe :D joelis loved it! this is the 2nd time they are there. this time, we brought the students from pekan baru for the visit. they had fun playing and feeding the elephants too. the students are here for 3 weeks and will be going back on monday, 21/4/08. just check out the pics and you'll know how much fun they had! N1's children came along this time with my brother in law... N1 is away for her overseas work trip. my mom as usual prepared lots of food and we actually had a picnic session at the car park! more pictures in the album
joey and the flying fox

imran & joey with the elephant's butt!kids at the elephants' 'pool'

part II: ouch... ouch... the gym session.. ! kecantikan melalui penderitaan.. ha itu lah dier... hehehe :D okay, i am doing an experiment on how far my body can go... errmmm meaning, i want to see how much changes (positive changes of course) i can do with my body. i want to stay healthy and ermm.…

feeling excellent!

yes... its all coming back to me :) the mood is back... ahhh... that day must be just one of the days. i am feeling so great and fantastic this morning and will feel that way through out the weekend!

had a good sunday with joelis - after music class, on the way home and getting lunch, lisa asked:

lisa: ma... arent we supposed to watch video at AD's place?
me: errmmm... yea... if you wanna (have this worried tone in my voice)
lisa: well, lisa tak kisah (translated as 'i dont mind')
joey: joey nak! joey nak!
me: hmmm... okay lemme just text AD and check what he's up to.
joelis: yey!!!

and.... AD was relaxing by the pool. so... AD's place here we come! :) had a good relaxing, quality time spent :) and lisa has been playing with my phone camera! she took a pic of her and joey... and took a pic of AD too! it was raining very heavily... i sort of was in the mood of calling my prospects while joelis were watching video. after a while, AD offered to take care of joelis and took bo…

here goes

maybe i could just put up some pics :) i need to pick up my mood!!! below are pictures of errmmm kenduri last saturday at home. kenduri kesyukuran, N4 finished doing her Masters :) how nice... and also for Maulidurrasul.

not nice

ein is having that not nice feeling... for some reason :( aahhhh persetankan semua itu!! tapi... tak besh....

ishh buhsan la kalau macam nie.. nak buat kerja tak de mood.. nak tulih blog tak de mood.. nak main fb pun tak de mood... dah tu... conclusion nya haper? nak balik tak de mood... aaaaaaaarrrrrrgggggggggghhh.... WTF...

should i should i not?

blogging tonight? :D to choose between fb and blog. decided to do both. hmmm what have i been up to? aahh... friday night. it was my bro-in-law's birthday :) everyone decided to have dinner at N1's house. hmm okay... i was supposed to login for the online training... but since i am attending the dinner... tak boleh la kan... i called up AD and told him i am going for a family dinner. so there we were... and there was also a cake!! hmmm yummy..

morning therapy

:) yes i need this. i was pretty upset yesterday. but trying so hard to not show it. but... i failed tremendously... kekekeke :D i am so bad at hiding my actual feelings. it shows all over my face! and AD mentioned that i looked as though i wanted to eat him up. well, he was lucky that i did not run over his feet with my car! :O joking.... joking!!!

and have been playing with fb... sent lots of virtual gifts to few friends, sent a sentimental email to my office friends... hmm what else? aahhh malas nak pikir... nak buat apa malam ni ehh?? :)

had a good time

... and relieved! :D hehehee :D i did what was planned yesterday. went out during lunch and had a hair cut. and later AS smsed and asked if i wanted to go for karaoke. hmmmm good idea... have not been karaoke-ing for ages! so, yeup... we went karaoke! it was good... i managed to sing the song 'gantung - melly goeslow' hehehe first try... next time, should be better ;)

and last night i went home earlier.. bought a special burger for my dinner since our house, by 8pm if we are not home, dinner will be gone! hahaha :D after eating my burger in the kitchen, went upstairs and checked on joelis. hmmmm they were as cheerful as always... and it makes me feel happy and all the tiredness - gone!

now i am gonna start work!! it is going to be a wonderful day!!! yey! :D

joelis, mama loves you very very much and nothing / no one will change or take any of those love from you, okay!! :* :*

andai ku tahu

~ ungu
Andai ku tahu….
Kapan tiba ajalku…
Ku akan memohon tuhan tolong panjangkan umurku… Andai ku tahu…
Kapan tiba masaku…
Ku akan memohon tuhan jangan kau ambil nyawaku…
Aku takut akan semua dosa dosaku…
Aku takut dosa yg terus membayangiku… Andai ku tahu…
Malaikatmu kan menjemputku…
Izinkan aku mengucap kata taubat padamu…
Aku takut akan semua dosa dosaku…
Aku takut dosa yg terus membayangiku… Ampuni aku dari segala dosa dosaku…
Ampuni aku menangis ku bertaubat padamu…
Aku manusia yang takut neraka…
Namun aku juga tak pantas disurga… Andai ku tahu….
Kapan tiba ajalku…
Izinkan aku mengucap kata taubat padamu…
Aku takut akan semua dosa dosaku…
Aku takut dosa yg terus membayangiku…
Ampuni aku dari segala dosa dosaku…
Ampuni aku menangis ku bertaubat padamu…

positive changes?

did not start with a good morning today. something is just not right somewhere, and i need to find out why as soon as possible. i have been feeling very tired lately. daily routine is getting too packed and i need to rearrange my schedule to make it more relax. hmmm... lisa has been very cranky for the past few days. dont tell me.. errr... hmmmm... joey as usual, he likes to 'sakat' his sister. and this morning i was angry at both of them. lisa has been snapping at her brother... and joey as usual being smart mouth in his cool way.. *grin*

not having a maid is making it more challenging. i just have to write down everything now so that i can start my day today in a more effective way. one thing for sure, things are lining up and needing my attention. hmmm... wish i have enough people to assist me at the office. its driving me crazy! i did just thought of taking the day off today... but dont think i can afford to do that.

hmmm what else? oh yes... need to do something about joel…

blahh blahh blahh

it has been raining for the past few days. and today i am feeling extra tired and sleepy... goshhh i was really forcing myself to stay awake while driving to work!!!

for todays posting - cant think of a good title just yet. what have i been doing yeah? errmm... work i guess most of the time. havent been really out with friends. my brain is just not working now :D :P why aahh? oh yes... i had a great time on the weekend. it was full.. and satisfactory full with joelis and AD.

tuesday: attended a meet up at the prince hotel with XanGo president, mr kent wood. and looking at the graphs on how those people make money, it was so exciting..!! who would have thought that our very malaysian fruit, mangosteen (manggis) can give lots of benefits to the public! and it has become a worldwide market leader that combines a sensational flavor and proven benefits through a proprietary whole-fruit formula!

saturday: i was at work till around 5pm i think. called up lisa, and she informed me that her outi…