Wednesday, March 26, 2008

holidays - again!

yeahh we are people who likes to go for holidays! lol... :D chop duit je haper??? naahhh... we havent been going out together... all of us... together.. so this time, N1 booked 3 rooms for 3 nights at Avillion Admiral Cove. i must say that it is a nice place... only 20 days old when we arrived. spacious rooms... nice decor.. nice view.. nice pool... bar etc... i was holidaying and working at the same time. its nice to work at your own time like that... :) i can spend time with joelis while working.. hmmm :) anyway, my parents took 1 room for them, N1 with her family and me, N2 shared the room with joelis and N3 as usual. N4 arrived a day later and she bunked in my mom's room. :) hehehe :P

gosh i am so darn sleepy now.. :( and i am missin AD...

more pictures of the holidays in my multiply album :)