Monday, March 31, 2008

hi and lo

i believe everyone has their hi(s) and lo(s) day of the week... or maybe week of the month.. errmmm whatever. i felt something is not right. i am having pain somewhere on my right 'belikat' and at times it is making me difficult to breathe. most probably 'angin'.. and stiff shoulder could be due to stress... so.. biasa lah kan.

but anyway, i am quite down right now, maybe because lisa refused to give me a kiss before she left for school today. it was late and she was upset. and i get sad when she did that :(

i have been extremely busy for the past few weeks. been working day and night. well, not everyone at home understands what i am trying to do. i found something interesting to do, hence i am sort of concentrating on it for this few weeks. even so, it is still not hard enough. i know that i have been too busy for my kids too :( and i am just trying so hard to fit it everyone's needs.. but do people out there understand what are my needs? i need to work hard, i have my goals to achieve... just wish people would give me more support! *sigh*

i miss my joelis right now.. :( really miss them.

oh.... before i forget... joelis and i went to shah alam yesterday morning. for the run for fun - astro ceria thingy. :D we were late so we just went for the carnival. it was bad!! for us it was.. not well organised etc... i think astro needs better planning next time. and lisa said, 'ma, next time if we want to join this kind of event, please say no!' hehehehe :D haaa baru tau..

here are some pictures anyway :) we walked out of the stadium area around 9 smthg, almost 10am... joelis were hungry... me too.. joey was getting cranky because it was too hot... lisa was sweating. we ended up lepakking at the playground. after that, went for breakfast at one of the restaurant in shah alam ....