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hi and lo

i believe everyone has their hi(s) and lo(s) day of the week... or maybe week of the month.. errmmm whatever. i felt something is not right. i am having pain somewhere on my right 'belikat' and at times it is making me difficult to breathe. most probably 'angin'.. and stiff shoulder could be due to stress... so.. biasa lah kan.

but anyway, i am quite down right now, maybe because lisa refused to give me a kiss before she left for school today. it was late and she was upset. and i get sad when she did that :(

i have been extremely busy for the past few weeks. been working day and night. well, not everyone at home understands what i am trying to do. i found something interesting to do, hence i am sort of concentrating on it for this few weeks. even so, it is still not hard enough. i know that i have been too busy for my kids too :( and i am just trying so hard to fit it everyone's needs.. but do people out there understand what are my needs? i need to work hard, i have…

holidays - again!

yeahh we are people who likes to go for holidays! lol... :D chop duit je haper??? naahhh... we havent been going out together... all of us... together.. so this time, N1 booked 3 rooms for 3 nights at Avillion Admiral Cove. i must say that it is a nice place... only 20 days old when we arrived. spacious rooms... nice decor.. nice view.. nice pool... bar etc... i was holidaying and working at the same time. its nice to work at your own time like that... :) i can spend time with joelis while working.. hmmm :) anyway, my parents took 1 room for them, N1 with her family and me, N2 shared the room with joelis and N3 as usual. N4 arrived a day later and she bunked in my mom's room. :) hehehe :P

gosh i am so darn sleepy now.. :( and i am missin AD...

more pictures of the holidays in my multiply album :)

happy froggie

oh my... i havent been blogging!! been working like crazy.... and as usual, lots of things happening around... the company's FD is coming... somewhere in April. and yes, this year i wanna bring joelis along... so looks like i've got to check on the school holidays and make sure the dates do not clash with their exam. we had my mom's birthday simple celebration yesterday at home. cut the cake and the 3 grandchildren had a performance. lisa played her guitar - joey & kelly sang 'bengawan solo' :) cute! and we'll celebrate more this weekend during our holiday.
AD is outstation, which means, i wont be seeing him till next week... :( sedih...sedih... wekkk... :P but work covers it all... maintain babe
N4 is getting hooked on baking her cupcakes... muffins etc... she has done a good job lately. they looked beautiful. you guys should visit her website... :) i wanted to comment but since i needed to register... ahhh malas lah... baik comment kat sini jer. she made a …

my new biz website

proud to announce the creation of my new biz website. feel free to visit and get to know the benefits of the Xango juice. :)

flaunt a sexybottle!!