Thursday, February 14, 2008

what valentines means to me

right now? ermmm...'nothing!' as i have mentioned to my pal just now, if it doesnt come from a 'someone' it doesnt mean anything :S... so, baik buat bodoh jer.. i was out with a few friends or shall i say, new friends, and i had fun... it was relaxing watching people - and me, as usual, dont talk much... just be there, being entertained... and observe :) and yeah... as it passed midnight... we wish each other 'happy valentines day' :) and thats about it..

and today, during lunch, i did what i wanted to do for quite some time... and now felt relieved - sort of.. no more... ermm that 'incomplete' feeling :) although it was not as planned but at least, 'it' has been passed :) hopefully it'll reach the owner.

*just a thot*

yeah... it is lonely when you are single on valentines day :(