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what am i thinking

by - February 11, 2008

why do people change when they are in a relationship? and often friends get affected by the changes

why do men [friends in this circumstances] like to get physical [my own terms know what ] when they've started to be close to women [friends in this circumstances]?

classic example of people who changes are right in front of my eyes

slow day today but making the best out of it

is it still fun doing what i am doing?

what am i looking for? - no more questions ein... proceed

its not only men who withdraw, women do that too - and i can be the next

could there be a better excuse than 'things happened' and 'its unexpected' - its becoming too common - i need new ideas too :P

life is better when you accept what is presented to you - thankful with what is given - no matter how bitter it may be? errmmmmm i guess so

this life is temporary

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