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we are going home!

by - February 23, 2008

joey is going home today!! yey!! still have a little bit of dicomfort in his tummy but he is getting much better... and back to the naughty joey!! :D and i will get to sleep on a more comfortable bed tonight!

oh yes, before that, unc SA made a surprise visit at the hospital and he stayed till around 1030pm chatting.. :) thank you SA for visiting joey. :)

and after SA left, i slept late last night, busy sms-ing with someone.. back to the times where 2 friends texting each other.. and yeah... he is a nice guy... dont i say that quite often? havent we heard this before? :P oh well... at least he is brave enough to call it 'a date' and yes... i am looking forward to having a good time tonight... :) ;)

my life is c o l o r f u l!!

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