Wednesday, February 6, 2008

peace yo!

i am hushing joelis now... asking them to pack their bags for our trip tomorrow :) its gonna be a long break for most of us. school starts the holiday today. roads were quite clear in the morning.

have you ever thought that have you prepared enough for who's left when you die? :) i had this conversation with my pal 2 days ago. i somehow feel the peace in me. i just did, and dont ask me how. the sadness is there but somehow i managed to just push it aside and focus more on the happy thoughts - and what matters more in my life. picking up all the pieces ...

i am accepting the fact that i have been played again. :) action speaks louder than words.. somehow... the actions are different although what was said was different *sigh* i dont need sympathy. when do you ever learn ein....? men are errkkksss. hik..hikk... well not all i hope. although i had the opposite of what i felt few weeks back - i have returned which is, i still have hope and faith. He has plans for me.

i have started a new hobby. you wont believe this, coz i dont either. :D i have actually started reading. hmmm... i am 35 years old and only now i enjoy reading. been doing this for the past 2 weeks. joelis and i are staying on our own now.. temporary.. errmmm... i just needed to be on my own. so, after work joelis and i will go to our hideout, swim and have dinner... and sleep :) joelis will sleep by 930pm latest coz they go to school in the morning. and i will have my time, in my room.. on my bed... reading a book after performing the last prayers for the day. and i will fall asleep by 1030 latest. the next morning we will wake up as early as 545am... out of bed by 600am.. and still feel fresh! and i am enjoying every moment with joelis. and i put this note on the bedside table starting 2 days ago for joelis,

"Lisa & Joey. In case of emergency, please call Unc SA 012-xxxxxxxx. Love Mama"

jus in case anything happen to me, and Lisa will be incharge. :)

have a good break everyone.. coz, i will have a great time holiday with my joelis, sisters, mom and dad! :*