Sunday, February 10, 2008

my sweet strawberry smile :P

ahak.. ahak.. iyor iyor je title.

had a great time with the whole family in cameron highlands (CH). my mom called me up at the office last wednesday asking if i wanna go to CH. well, since we do not have any plans for the long weekend... by all means... go ahead.
we got a 3 rooms apartment, all done and booked by mommy dearest. hmmm she really wanna go somewhere.. :) however that doesnt stop me from going out the night before and met new 'friends' wuhhuuuu... :P

left kl on thursday in a pregio.. lucky us we've brought a driver with us... which means neither me or N3 has to drive... yey... we were all ready in our cheerful mood... first for bfast, then we went for 'gong xi fa cai' at unc teo's house. the house that we'll go every year for cny.

traffic was bad.. i slept all the way as havent slept that much the night before.. yea.. yea... siapa suruh merayau. whatever! reached the apartment at around 4pm. it started to be chilly... love it. :) went round the CH town - pasar malam too! dinner was okay... was quite difficult to get a place for dinner as there were many people.. we had dinner at 10pm... joelis were already a bit cranky coz they are hungry and sleepy.

we took lots of pics.. will upload in the multiply album soon. here are some pics... for you to enjoy ;)

ermmm what has it got to do with the strawberry title?? :O hahahaha LOL... coz uuhmmmm we saw lotsa strawberries up there!! and we even had a strawberry tea party the next day! well... not me... coz i was busy upstairs doing i dont know what... :P by the time i got downstairs all the beautiful cute cupcakes are gone :(

oh yes, i got a nice tshirt from my eldest sister from switzerland... nice and very red!! not forgetting big.. :P thank you sis :*