Wednesday, February 20, 2008

my lil joey

i just finished the draft of work that i needed to submit to my boss in the morning... errmm.. its blogging time. my lil joey has not recovered. his temperature went up yesterday and i had to take him to the clinic again. and this morning i waited for him to stabilize before i left for work - but, not for long... got a call from joey that he felt really sick. and later lisa called up informing me that his temperature is going higher. told lisa to bring joey to the bathroom and get him showered, at that time it was already 38.6. luckily lisa is back from school and boleh lah di harap to check on joey - thank you g-gurl... love u much.. :*

i rushed home without having lunch. joey's lips are already so red. :( covered his forehead with wet towels. he is having diarhea at the same time.. poor joey :( checked him temperature again at 4pm... shucksss... went up to 40! thats it... drove to the clinic again... and doctor inserted the medicine to bring down his temperature.. and at the same time prepared a referral letter for hospital. i really hope joey will be okay tonight.. :( he is sleeping soundly beside me right now :)