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another full weekend - another wonderful week ahead

by - February 26, 2008

after joey has been discharged - lots more things to do. went to the guesthouse straight from the hospital as there things needed to be repaired. yeahhh... had to wait for the contractor.. :( went back to my parents' place for lunch.. and i planned to go for my facial.. but guess what happened? :D hehehe... fell asleep... hehehe, i must be very tired after 2 nights sleeping in the hospital and driving here and there after that.
well anyway, that night, i had a wonderful evening with a few friends at a poolside birthday party. the view was beautiful... so were the people... :)
nice view of klcc from the poolside. good music - enjoyed being there... lots of food... good food.. and i had the chance to know him more.. we had a good conversation :) i was there till around 12 midnight and went home straight after.
sunday, another day for the family. got up early to have breakfast. oh yes.. got to know that one of my aunt had a car accident! :( so, after breakfast, all of us, my parents, N3, joelis and i drove up to kota damansara to visit my aunt. goshhh.... her left eye was swollen!! she had stitches on her forehead, upper left eye. it looked real bad, but alhamdulillah, no where else was injured. we stayed there for awhile, and later sent joelis for their music class. before that we had lunch in melawati.

drove home for awhile, i took a half hour nap, drove joey to his friend's birthday party at kde. lisa and i left him at the party, while we do girls' stuff... me, facial... and lisa spent the time on the laptop her daddy left her to use. and after my facial, we both went to the hair saloon to wash our hair :) hehehe :D

drove back to kde to fetch joey... and after that, i had dinner with AD. no, it was not planned... we just wanted to see each other.. :) we took a nice walk along jalan bukit bintang, had chicken rice and fried kuey tiow and later we walked to pavillion, had a good talk... and we get to know each other better. :) and yeaahh had another good time.. and looking forward for another wonderful week ahead - although will be busy at work :)

ein is back... will all the glow on her face... and more stories to come.. :)

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