Friday, February 22, 2008

3 days 2 nights - gleneagles

joey is on holiday again... the annual visit/stay in gleneagles. on thursday, from 230am joey got up and has been to the toilet... we went down to the kitchen to get his medicine... all went to the drain when he vomitted.. and that continued till around subuh.. and that's it... he has to be sent to the hospital. when we reached the emergency room, he got admitted straight away and was put on drips. there goes... looks like its gonna be a 3 days 2 nights stay there.
friday: joey is recovering... better than yesterday. no more fever. no more vomitting... my mom took care of joey almost the whole day today. kesian my mom... she must be tired. i had to go to the office as i have already arranged for interview. and briefing in the morning. and only to know there were a few customers' cases.. hmmmpphh... wanted to leave the office early.. but ended up left only 15 minutes earlier... duhhh.. took a cab to the hospital.. layan pakcik taxi lagi... waduhhh... chapek sih.. anyway, really pray that joey will get to leave the hospital in the morning on saturday.
ouch... sakit kepala!! :(
ein signing off... very tired :(