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stop and think

was at the hideout with joelis few nights ago. was a bit upset with N3 with the messages that was sent/pass to my joelis. i appreciate her concern but i believe that it is okay to get hurt, although having to go through is terrible... especially me... when i can get very sick! but hey... i got up alright after that! i recovered, alhamdulillah. so, why the fuss? she shouldnt make my son think too much and worry about his mom. let the adult deal with the adults problems. i dont want my son to think to far - not at his age!

another full weekend - another wonderful week ahead

after joey has been discharged - lots more things to do. went to the guesthouse straight from the hospital as there things needed to be repaired. yeahhh... had to wait for the contractor.. :( went back to my parents' place for lunch.. and i planned to go for my facial.. but guess what happened? :D hehehe... fell asleep... hehehe, i must be very tired after 2 nights sleeping in the hospital and driving here and there after that.
well anyway, that night, i had a wonderful evening with a few friends at a poolside birthday party. the view was beautiful... so were the people... :)
nice view of klcc from the poolside. good music - enjoyed being there... lots of food... good food.. and i had the chance to know him more.. we had a good conversation :) i was there till around 12 midnight and went home straight after.
sunday, another day for the family. got up early to have breakfast. oh yes.. got to know that one of my aunt had a car accident! :( so, after breakfast, all of us, my parents, N…

we are going home!

joey is going home today!! yey!! still have a little bit of dicomfort in his tummy but he is getting much better... and back to the naughty joey!! :D and i will get to sleep on a more comfortable bed tonight!
oh yes, before that, unc SA made a surprise visit at the hospital and he stayed till around 1030pm chatting.. :) thank you SA for visiting joey. :) and after SA left, i slept late last night, busy sms-ing with someone.. back to the times where 2 friends texting each other.. and yeah... he is a nice guy... dont i say that quite often? havent we heard this before? :P oh well... at least he is brave enough to call it 'a date' and yes... i am looking forward to having a good time tonight... :) ;) my life is c olorf ul!!

3 days 2 nights - gleneagles

joey is on holiday again... the annual visit/stay in gleneagles. on thursday, from 230am joey got up and has been to the toilet... we went down to the kitchen to get his medicine... all went to the drain when he vomitted.. and that continued till around subuh.. and that's it... he has to be sent to the hospital. when we reached the emergency room, he got admitted straight away and was put on drips. there goes... looks like its gonna be a 3 days 2 nights stay there.
friday: joey is recovering... better than yesterday. no more fever. no more vomitting... my mom took care of joey almost the whole day today. kesian my mom... she must be tired. i had to go to the office as i have already arranged for interview. and briefing in the morning. and only to know there were a few customers' cases.. hmmmpphh... wanted to leave the office early.. but ended up left only 15 minutes earlier... duhhh.. took a cab to the hospital.. layan pakcik taxi lagi... waduhhh... chapek sih.. anyway, really …

my lil joey

i just finished the draft of work that i needed to submit to my boss in the morning... errmm.. its blogging time. my lil joey has not recovered. his temperature went up yesterday and i had to take him to the clinic again. and this morning i waited for him to stabilize before i left for work - but, not for long... got a call from joey that he felt really sick. and later lisa called up informing me that his temperature is going higher. told lisa to bring joey to the bathroom and get him showered, at that time it was already 38.6. luckily lisa is back from school and boleh lah di harap to check on joey - thank you g-gurl... love u much.. :*

i rushed home without having lunch. joey's lips are already so red. :( covered his forehead with wet towels. he is having diarhea at the same time.. poor joey :( checked him temperature again at 4pm... shucksss... went up to 40! thats it... drove to the clinic again... and doctor inserted the medicine to bring down his temperature.. and at the same…


yes, my life is co lor fu l and i should be grateful :) already called joelis awhile ago, and joey is not having fever anymore... he sounded as cheerful as always... :) and so is lisa.. so... ein... GET BACK TO WORK!!!

gimme a break - get a kit kat!!

yeah okay... i am supposed to be busy... well i am... but there's something in me... crawling out wanting too much to update my blog!!!! heheheeh :D sounds eerieee... right? hehhee just me having itchy fingers to write in my blog :P

have you ever saw someone and after that you have this thought in you...
"gosh he is good looking!" and in your mind you were thinking
"would i ever get to meet up with him and have the chance to actually chat/talk to him?"
tadaaaa!!!! i had that yesterday... and it lightens up my day

had a great time yesterday, it was a short meet up and love the surprise... :) my friend introduced me to someone.. and i am smiling till now... and in fact i was giggling all the way driving home... hmmmphh.... it was like a dream... its like magic... hahaha LOL.... and as i am typing this, i am listening to my 'current' theme song... [it has nothing to do with the someone that i met yesterday] yeahh slowly people.. slowly... i will get over him to…


i just went thru (just read back what i posted few months back) oh my goodness!! i was so feeling really miserable!!! goshhhh... and i think the last time i was in that sick condition was 2 and a half years back.... shuckkkssss.... and what? is it worth to continue a friendship? hmmmm senang jer kan?? cakap macam binatang yang nyondol2 dalam hutan tuh. tak tau kenapa la... bila baca balik memang rasa cukup menyakitkan hati... tak... aku tak bodoh... it was what i asked for... and aku dah rasa... enough experience kut for now...

like a tatoo

before i continue blabbering ... lemme share this with you guys... i dont feel like replying the email. i was hurt and still do... a friend dont hide things from another friend... well at least if it concerns you. *sigh*... so, this is actually a reply to his email..?

like a tattoo - jordin sparks

Oooh... Oooh... Ohhh..
No matter what you say about love,
I keep coming back for more,
My head in the fire,
Sooner or later I get what i'm asking for
No matter what you say about life,
I learn every time I bleed.

The truth is a stranger
My soul is in danger,
I gotta let my spirit be free to,
Admit that I was wrong and then change my mind.
Sorry but I have to move on and leave you behind.

I can't waste time so give me the moment
I realize nothing's broken
No need to worry about everything
I've done
Lived every second like it was my last one.
Don't look back got a new direction
Loved you once, needed protection.
You're still a part of everything I do, you're on my heart just like a tatt…

what valentines means to me

right now? ermmm...'nothing!' as i have mentioned to my pal just now, if it doesnt come from a 'someone' it doesnt mean anything :S... so, baik buat bodoh jer.. i was out with a few friends or shall i say, new friends, and i had fun... it was relaxing watching people - and me, as usual, dont talk much... just be there, being entertained... and observe :) and yeah... as it passed midnight... we wish each other 'happy valentines day' :) and thats about it..

and today, during lunch, i did what i wanted to do for quite some time... and now felt relieved - sort of.. no more... ermm that 'incomplete' feeling :) although it was not as planned but at least, 'it' has been passed :) hopefully it'll reach the owner.
*just a thot*
yeah... it is lonely when you are single on valentines day :(

what am i thinking

why do people change when they are in a relationship? and often friends get affected by the changes why do men [friends in this circumstances] like to get physical [my own terms know what ] when they've started to be close to women [friends in this circumstances]? classic example of people who changes are right in front of my eyes slow day today but making the best out of it

is it still fun doing what i am doing?

what am i looking for? - no more questions ein... proceedits not only men who withdraw, women do that too - and i can be the next

could there be a better excuse than 'things happened' and 'its unexpected' - its becoming too common - i need new ideas too :P

life is better when you accept what is presented to you - thankful with what is given - no matter how bitter it may be? errmmmmm i guess so

this life is temporary

my sweet strawberry smile :P

ahak.. ahak.. iyor iyor je title.

had a great time with the whole family in cameron highlands (CH). my mom called me up at the office last wednesday asking if i wanna go to CH. well, since we do not have any plans for the long weekend... by all means... go ahead.
we got a 3 rooms apartment, all done and booked by mommy dearest. hmmm she really wanna go somewhere.. :) however that doesnt stop me from going out the night before and met new 'friends' wuhhuuuu... :P

left kl on thursday in a pregio.. lucky us we've brought a driver with us... which means neither me or N3 has to drive... yey... we were all ready in our cheerful mood... first for bfast, then we went for 'gong xi fa cai' at unc teo's house. the house that we'll go every year for cny.

traffic was bad.. i slept all the way as havent slept that much the night before.. yea.. yea... siapa suruh merayau. whatever! reached the apartment at around 4pm. it started to be chilly... love it. :) went round the CH t…

peace yo!

i am hushing joelis now... asking them to pack their bags for our trip tomorrow :) its gonna be a long break for most of us. school starts the holiday today. roads were quite clear in the morning.

have you ever thought that have you prepared enough for who's left when you die? :) i had this conversation with my pal 2 days ago. i somehow feel the peace in me. i just did, and dont ask me how. the sadness is there but somehow i managed to just push it aside and focus more on the happy thoughts - and what matters more in my life. picking up all the pieces ...

i am accepting the fact that i have been played again. :) action speaks louder than words.. somehow... the actions are different although what was said was different *sigh* i dont need sympathy. when do you ever learn ein....? men are errkkksss. hik..hikk... well not all i hope. although i had the opposite of what i felt few weeks back - i have returned which is, i still have hope and faith. He has plans for me.

i have started a new…