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i owe you these

to my dear loyal blog reader, i owe all these writings to you :) thank you for still reading :)

i am gathering my courage... to get up again... after being disheartened :) slowly.. but i am getting there. nothing can be better than spending lots and lots of quality time with joelis... great weekends.. relaxing and fulfilling

our love towards animals.... errr... [more pics in our multiply album - if you are regular here, you'll know the link :)] or... you can always email me and ask for the link

we had lots of fun... and yeup... we are going there again, someday

iman mutiara

'mom, why havent you been updating your blog?'
'i am just not in the right mood honey... i just cant write at the moment.. i dont want to be writing my blog when i am feeling this sad'
'hmmm okay... - i have updated my blog by the way.. have you seen it?'
'i will see it now... [checked out lisa's blog....] hmmm cute! :D you know what honey... if you keep on saying that you are bored.... you will be feeling that way for a long time... '
*and i am saying that to myself too.. its taking too long... get up ein!!!*

and this song is for my joelis... :)

Iman Mutiara ~ Raihan

Iman adalah mutiara
Di dalam hari manusia
Yang menyakini Allah
Maha Esa Maha Kuasa

Tanpamu iman bagaimanalah
Merasa diri hamba padaNya
Tanpamu iman bagimanalah
Menjadi hamba Allah yang bertaqwa

Iman tak dapat diwarisi
Dari seorang ayah yang bertaqwa
Ia tak dapat dijual beli
Ia tiada di tepian pantai

Walau apapun caranya jua
Engkau mendaki gunung yang tinggi
Engkau merentas lautan api
Namun tak dapat jua dim…

feeling down today

really feel down today... felt so bad as i snapped at my joelis before i dropped them off to school. i hate myself for doing so.. i have been extra sensitive for the past many weeks.. and i hate it when i started to snap at joelis... its like whatever they say started to just spark the whatever thats playing in my head. :( i cant wait till it's pass 1pm today so that i can call them at home and just talk to them... and i did call them just now... telling them how sorry i was for being upset... :/ it was so nice to hear their voice on the phone and makes me feel like going home immediately... how i wish i can

and right now, i am in a state where i am not in the mood to update my blog... too many things happening around.. and most of them are the sad things... so it really got into me.. i just need some time to recover from lots of things before i get back on track - updating my blog. :)

Welcome 2008!

3rd jan 2008 - it was the first day in school after a long holiday for joelis. and... they go to morning school - which means... mommy has to wake up reallllyyy early than usual and drive them to school. the nice feeling to see in the morning is when i drop them at the school gate, after kissing each other goodbyes.. and watch both of them walk into the school compound until i cant see them - then i will drive off to work. :) it was joey's 8th birthday yesterday. we compiled all the birthday cards and arrange them on the table at the hall. he was so happy to receive the cards.. with all the smile on his face, he went back upstairs and said, 'thank you for the cards mom..' after dinner yesterday we had a small cutting cake session for joey :) and as promised, since he did really well in his exam last year, he will be getting a birthday party this year - after i come back from my business trip.

new year's eve was great. had a really good time with joelis and my sisters…