Tuesday, December 18, 2007

super mom in action

...again.. :) had a great day today... lots of things happening around. i was actually glued to my seat at the office. when, suddenly i thot... hemmmphh maybe its good to have lunch with someone whom i've never had lunch with.. :P and... lisa is commenting what i am typing right now :D so, gave him a buzz and ask if he is free... and i can see his new office :D tried to finish up as much as i can on my work...took the lrt and there i was.... we had lunch with 2 of his friends.. and he commented on my blog... okay..okay.. i hear you.. :P the nasi ayam was good.. the soup needs more salt... his office is convenientlah.... bukak pintu je dah food court. :) had a good chat and laugh.. kena bebel pun iyer jugak... hmmm... tried to get back to the office as soon as i can..

continue till about 8pm... getting hungry and i was the last one to leave the office.. left the ofc around 830pm.. got home 20 minutes later. had dinner.. ikan keli masak lemak cekur... slluurrpp sedapnya... with sambal belacan and ulam raja :D yummyy... lisa came to the kitchen, and we both went to do groceries... later got an sms from our designer on the calendar design.. its ready... so, we planned to meet up at 1030pm after my groceries shopping. done shopping... unload stuff from the car... went upstairs... joey dah merajuk coz i did not take him to do groceries shopping.. :D hehehe... kissed him... peluk2 sikit... dia dah okay :D went out again - and... ada lagi changes... hmmm.. looks like tomorrow last... kena settle jugak nak tak nak...

so, 1130pm.. balik rumah... main facebook kejap... poke here and there... thought of watching dvd.. but.. i think i should sleep.. :) hopefully to get out of the house early... as our designer will be in kl by 8am something... OMG, i am drained out...

oh yes... i read lisa's new blog... and it was really funny... :D hehehe... she asked if i have read her blog and i told her i was too busy at the office.. thats why i can only read it tonight. :)

lastly... this super mom had a great day despite the busy-ness :D :P good night everybody... sleep tight..

ein signing out.. 1256am.