Sunday, December 2, 2007

sunday morning!

feeling quite fresh this morning. had some cleaning up to do... upstairs... upon instruction by mommy dearest...hik..hik.. :D cleared the computer table. vaccumed the family room, told joelis to take their shower. everything done before 9am. hmmm not bad... went downstairs, bibik had breakfast ready for us. yay... bibik prepared cucur tepung and fried rice. i had the cucur tepung @ cekodok. and now, doing my work at the dining... since 930am... i am getting tired... gotta take a break.. took the short sweet break - hugged lisa for 2 minutes! :P hehehe :D going for the office photoshoot in a while.. and maybe later i can take a break.... looking forward for the fun break... if it happens... :P and now... i wanna look for joey.... gonna give him one big hug before joey and lisa goes for lunch with my parents and sister while i have to work... :( runningggg.....!!!