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satc episode

by - December 29, 2007

errmmm am i gonna write in my blog each time i finish watching 1 cd of satc? hehehe :D looks like it. last night after signing off, i still couldnt sleep, so i ended up watching 1 and a half episode of satc. really wanted to know what happened to charlotte after she broke up. but my laptop's batt went low... was too lazy to hook on the plug... i just went off to bed. i think i am already on eposide 5.5 :P and i dont think i am carrie at all.. :( i dont wear all those branded stuff... well, not really so crazy about branded stuff... and i dont go show off bringing that kind of weird evening handbag for theatres or dinner... a simple small handbag or clutch will do... what she had was too fancy. and errr... she's quite demanding in her relationship which i think it was quite uuhhmmm... tight. can be stressful. *sigh* watching satc can be quite depressing too especially when those things happened between a guy and a gal, and when you can relate to your life... it was like.. 'yeah... that happened to me to!' or '*sad* so he is just not interested' .... and makes you feel like, can u ever believe what a man say at all??? or do they mean what they say? or do they say it just to get into your pants? sheeshhh.... dont want to even think about it... but maybe it happen somewhere around us... which we only notice, now?

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