Thursday, December 27, 2007

past in present

can the past be in the present? i think it shouldnt be - unless you can be open minded about it. :) how many of us can really take it, listening to your current partner's stories about what has happened with their exs? i think for most women, they can either listen while in their head saying 'hey, i dont need all this stories planted' or at least something like 'errmm do i really need to know all these?'

on the other side, sad to say i wouldnt know what a man would react if their current partners were to talk about their exs. one thing my mom always tell me, never tell your current man of your previous relationships... as men will get it back at you. and you know what, i believe her 100%, and why? coz it happened to me! so i supposed... just leave your past, and look forward for a wonderful time at present... and i am so like carrie bradshaw... that i agree.. sometimes i just need to talk it out about whatever thats in my head or i will have it playing over and over in my mind like a broken jumpy CD. which is absolutely not good! no no no... not good for my migraine :P

*sigh* i'd better be going home now... as i have told my joey that i wont be late :)

have a good day for whatever's left of the day people... coz, i had a good today! :*

well, guys out there - if you are reading this, do let us know what you think :)