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by - December 30, 2007

just when i thot i wouldnt have the time, mood etc... to write, thats when more ideas coming in... oh my.... i just read what i wrote previously, and i dont think thats appropriate :/ hmmm...

its getting more depressing watching satc.. perhaps the only thing that i like watching that is about the friendship of the 4 girls... and they are always together during their ups and downs of each one of them.... its so sweet... and you know when you feel shitty and feel like crying, you know whom to call. :)

i just kissed joey goodnight. he has already asleep with my dad tonight. i just got back with N4 from the guesthouse... tidying the place for NY eve. yeaahhh again.... long story... and i am really tired...

i've a wedding to go to tomorrow... and not sure if i am even going, coz....

good night everyone... sleep tight :)

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