Sunday, December 16, 2007

hoping for a fresh start

getting a slight headache right now.. dunno why... somehow, i felt a bit relieved :) well, you know sometimes, when you feel that there is a burden, just let it go.. and dont put on so much hope.. the most important thing i guess, have the courage to let it out. thats what i did today. cant keep too much things in my head at the same time. my system cant take it anymore.. no more worries.. shoot them out. had another breakdown last night. got to talk it out... with of course more tears and its really tiring. no, i did not do that on purpose... i think its because whatever that is bothering me has not fully settled, that's why... :(

whatever it is, the day ended okay. :) half of the day spent in the room, watching dvd - stardust. it was a cute funny movie actually...

oh yes, went out with a couple of friends to the WR last night. we arrived at around 11 somthg i think... had a drink at the coffee house first before going to WR. it was okay.. i wasnt really in the mood for dancing, so i had my loafers on, instead of the heels... and was on my simplest outfit - favorite stripe tshirt and jeans.

people watching activity was fun... although my mind is still elsewhere.. just needed something to do to divert... the first person that caught my attention was a mat salleh.. hmmm cant run away from that now, can i? hmmm.... just for a while tho... and there's 1 guy wearing white shirt, also with a mat salleh... and i think the guy i was looking at was not a malay... he's tall, could be a 6 footer... and a bit scruffy looking face. and there's another one, who is less tall than the white shirt guy, but he was much cooler... quiet :) and standing right next to me. hehehe :D but yeah... siapa la aku kan, nak compare dengan aweks2 kat situ especially when sazzy falak was standing next to me too! *sigh* there goes... my angan2... went back quite early and my eyes started to get smokey....

hmm i guess that's all for this weekend. hopefully i will have a great week ahead.. and more emails coming from oz. :)

ein saying goodnight at 11.02pm - sleep tight! :*