Saturday, December 29, 2007

he's just not into you

yeah... when i thot i wouldnt be in the mood to write in my blog... something just came straight into my head after watching SATC.. the latest season. yeah... i am slow... when the season is over then only i will get excited watching them. well anyway, it makes me happy, so what if i am a bit late :P boo!

well anyway... the conclusion is, its good to have opinion from a guy about another guy's mind. it saves a lot of energy and getting hurt. BUT, not from a guy who thinks they know you so well, when they actually dont... ;) and yeah... it helps.. you wont get hurt that much, and you are back in control of your own emotions. the thing with women, or to most women are that, they tend to be positive about lots of things, and they want to believe that the day will always end beautiful, but you know what... in reality, it doesnt work that way. you just need to know from another guy that 'he's just not into you' :) and hey.... its okay ;) move on

and from now on, maybe i should just stop talking too much... and keep what i feel to myself, coz it has somehow ruined something that i treasure - a good friendship - in my own terms ;)

joelis and i had a wonderful time at a friend's house for christmas dinner tonight :) joelis get to meet up with AZ's and KR's kids and play, while us, the parents get to catch up on things. i learnt something new today, although its all about the past. i wished that i had known it earlier, but, i've got beautiful kids because of it and with that, i have no regrets... and i am so thankful that at least i am out of misery and curiosity in my head about someone whom i thought i knew so well.. alhamdulillah i am out... and no turning back... and i've already decided that more than a year ago, and glad with that decision... good luck.. :D hehehe...

better call it a night.... starting to have dark circles.. :P ein signing off at 120am :)