Friday, December 14, 2007

her smile

she is smiling again... things are gettting better or at least will get better :) had an early discussion with the designer's middle man on the company's calendar... and as she was driving to work, received a call from a colleague from the office. they are sending the boxes now.. !! and she was only 10 minutes away from the office... gulp... ein schumacher... here she comes... with the new tyres... her car is not vibrating anymore... so, anytime... 120kmh only...... unlike last time.. :P

had a bad dream last night. i was in the car driving with my sister when 2 guys on a motorbike crash our windscreen. i told my sister to hit that bike.. she did, and the guys fell off the bike, but they manage to get up and grab their bike again. i took the wheels, and chase after them till one road... i hit those guys with the car. they fell down, i went out of the car and actually fought with them.. i had cuts and bruises all over my face.. and after a while, one of my close friend came over.. but he just ignored me.. :( he was talking about work and did not even bother asking if i was okay. it was sad.... and actually affected me in the morning. :( :( but aahh... i shouldnt get carried away... it was just a dream.

lisa misses my mom so much... my mom is away for a holiday with my elder sister's family... kesian dia.. :) i was supposed to be on leave today and take joelis there too but work is killing me... and i dont think i'd be able to drive all the way to awana kijal terengganu... tak per lah.. will think of something towards end of the year. :) really need a break.

can i still be myself when i am with him? :(