Friday, December 28, 2007

good bye 2007 - welcome 2008

not sure if i get to write - as in if i will have the mood to write :P duuhh... hehehe... had a wonderful year in 2007 despite all the roller coaster rides that i am / have been going through.. LOL.... drama! well at least i get all the excitements.... adrenaline rush and all... hahaha :D more drama! well anyway.... i would like to close the year 2007 with happiness as i believe that 2008 will a better year for me and joelis, of course... work harder... no more getting hurt... ahaksss.... more exciting activities with family and friends... and of course, will be more diving trips!!! oh that is FOR SURE!!! already plan on things with AA that we'll be clocking 20 dives before we go for our advance..

had a good lunch today with my friends - good laugh - happy times - although not that good food. had a good chat with a friend in CT who has been cheering me up when i was down. Thanks CS... :) thats what friends are for.. :P although i dont quite agree on the s$% part.... :P hahaha... LOL... yeahhh.. you've been sweet..

oh yes... i will be working on monday laa... what laa... okay la.. gtg... getting ready for dinner tonight! :)

chow babes!!