Sunday, December 23, 2007

fun night

before i start telling about the fun night. right now i am feeling macam cilako... siol... its a stupid feeling.. sepatutnya tak ada... tapi dia ada jugak... arrgghhh.... buhsan betul... menyampah... kalau aku boleh penuhkan page ni dengan maki hamun, aku rasa dah lama penuh page nie... semua akan keluar termasuk lah binatang hidung penyek tuh... or mungkin si kayu arang yang menggedik macam ulat sampah kat tong sampah yang dah lama tak dikutip dbkl. haa macam tu lahh... pakal aku tak macam tuh... sah sah aku tak terjeling pun. atau mungkin andaian aku jer. iirrgghhh dah keluar asap telinga dan hidung aku, kalau lah aku naga tasik chini! ergghhh...
well anyway, i was on leave last friday. just lepakking at home. listening to my mom nagging, and that's when i wish i was at work :( and actually i was working online checking on a few stuff that came into the mailbox... urgent matters etc etc... my sister took joelis balik kampung. i was told of the kenduri too late, had already accepted an invitation from CM who was planning a surprise birthday party for her husband. sweet isnt? :) i waited till 240pm for my elder sister to pick up joelis and my other younger sister, while i got a lift to the lrt heading towards klcc for my appointment.

left klcc around 6ish... we got onto the new highway, reached cyberviewlodge just before 7pm... just nice for maghrib prayers and proceed to the italian bistro. nice place...nice ambience.. cosy... food.. so so... :( not many choices. but its the company that counts ;) had a wonderful time... after dinner we headed to the 'treehaus' where we were the only guests around... 11 of us.. some played pool and some of us went into the karaoke room... no that many choice of songs... but ok lah. :) and i played pool for the first time! yay... :D i was a bit shy actually... so i waited for all the guys to go into the karaoke room, then i played the pool coached by SA and CM... CM was good man...!!

after that we took a group photo and went to CM's Suite and it was wowww.... just like a whole apartment... and i wonder how much it cost per night?!! :O
really had fun! thanks CM for inviting :)