Wednesday, December 5, 2007

the enchanted

love the movie... heheh :D yeah i am so into fairy tales... my youngest sister said that i am stuck in the 80s... and me with fairy tales movie... anytime.... princes...princesses... knight on a horse... anytime... i just love being in the fairy tale world... why? coz, they live happily ever after, that's why. errmmm but not in the reality world. the movie was cute and relaxing... am so glad that i bought the tickets earlier yesterday. i got home, changed into something more comfortable, had dinner at home and off we went to klcc. stopped by at edmunser, collected my suits... yeup... got 3 pairs... hahaha :D i have tried them on yesterday, but since i dont have my wallet with me, i asked the nice salesgirls to keep them for me. and i ended buying another pair of slacks. the movies started 15 minutes late... and 2 hours in there was not that long... it was fun... sweet romantic comedy... just my kind of movie ahaksss.... and now i am getting carried away again! :P oh well... joey enjoyed himself... so did lisa... they had a good laugh and so did i! the good thing is, i managed to forget about work for a while... and.. learned this... 'alamak' = 'oh no!' heheheh.... why do i want to remember that? because, i often used 'alamak' when i go out with MB... and just wondering if he understands what that means. :) drove straight home after movie, catch 'iris' on tv for 5 minutes... and now, writing my blog and playing scrabulous at the same time! cool huh! ;) but loading it is so slow maybe because there are too many people playing on fb now.. oh yes... cant wait for the year end dinner tomorrow! now i am getting sleepy... 2 more days to go to the weekend!! i want my 'robert'!!! nope... dont want prince edward... i want 'robert'!!! dreamingggggg..... oopppss sillly me, the movie that we watched was called 'the enchanted' :)

and joey merajuk lagi.... i really have to do something to toughen him up.... he is so manja :)