Thursday, December 13, 2007


here i am at starbucks transferring loads of songs from SA's external harddisk to my laptop.. and SA was 'kind' enough to let me listen to this one 'happy' song by diana ross - missing you... duhhh...

sent a friend back for a holiday yesterday. felt relieved as i have said what i needed to say. hoping that nothing will change. it was a bit ackward but hmmphh... let it be lah. after that, i went to the bookstore, bought myself a book to read while waiting for my sister to arrive at KLIA - to pick up my dad at LCCT coming back from Surabaya. and... i missed iris!! aahhh... left my car at the office originally, and thought of car pooling with any of my colleague, but then ... changed my mind and picked up my car at the office at 1130pm, with lisa. called SA on the way home.. he was at one of the makan place with james and rhino. heard james were testing rhino's new bimmer... pergghh... nice number.. but i prefer a 3 series :P ordered roti pisang through SA coz i was so starving... and my dad ordered roti canai. got home... ate half of the roti pisang, went upstairs took a shower, and slept straight after isya' prayer... and i felt so relaxed! and slept like a baby.

and today, got at the office late... :( my head is too tired... really need a break... maybe i should go somewhere with my kids... joey has been asking me to organise his birthday party... i went... oh'oh... errmmm now i dont know what to talk about... my head is elsewhere :P:P wuuhuuu.... tummy is playing rock band... very hungry... going back soon, have dinner... and watch tv with my darling joelis!! miss them so much... till later.... :)

oh yess... received nice photos taken at GG's wedding, GG asked if i can pass them to MB.. and already did.. wish i can put one of the photos here but... dont want you guys to think i am being mushy :P