Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Your Horoscope for NOVEMBER 27, 2007.

'There is no denying the romance that is in the air today, ain. You drift through the day in a bit of a haze. Your head is in the clouds and your feet barely touch the ground. If you're already married or in a close relationship, perhaps you've fallen in love with your partner all over again. If you're single, perhaps you've just met the man of your dreams. Whichever it is, know that today is a most auspicious beginning for a new stage in your love life! '

heh..heh... :D funny... where's the man? anybody see him anywhere? bring him here baby!! hehehe.. well anyway, reading my horoscope today made me smile after a long day at work. on another note, i am kinda sad (yeah maybe i am, coz thats how i sounded talking to her on the phone). but yeah... we cant stop people from talking, can we? so, i guess thats how its gonna be. i am a person with controversy, so i guess cant run away from all the gossips. or maybe, i am the one who is creating the gossips!? :O :P but, whoever you are, i will know sooner or later. and just go fly kite lah... whatever i do its none of your business. ;)


Wafster said...

wah...garang! Take it easy...:-)

ein said...

well, sometimes we just need to be fierce or people will step on our heads!