Tuesday, November 13, 2007

the thoughts...

alhamdulillah, the journey home was only 25 minutes. the traffic was not that bad after all - i managed to use alternative route home ;) but .... i almost hit a brand new camry in front of me! my mistake :( was really hungry, went straight to the kitchen and had rice for dinner... hhmm nyummm... nyummm.. went upstairs, kissed my joelis... both of them were watching tom & jerry. joined my mom later for the 9pm malay drama. and i like what was said

'being in love is not wrong but being in love with the wrong person could be a problem'

and something else reminds me of...

'jealousy is not sexy, its a sign of insecurity' duuhhh.... hmmmm what happened to the sayings that 'jealousy means that you love that person so much'?

hmmm start lah pikir bukan2 malam-malam buta ni... when i am supposed to be sleeping :P i need to download my brain :D according to WN... too much things in my head. work + work + work + hideout + vacation etc.. etc... can i have all those? too much things, not enough time... aarrgghh.... 1 thing at a time, ain... i really need a break.. :( and my mind wonders... "is he asleep yet?" :) and i am smiling again... hisshhh... gilor apo?!!

errmmm better get some sleep now.. dont wanna be late for joey's function in school tomorow morning! he achieved 'anugerah cemerlang' this year for std 1. :) and i am a proud mom :)