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by - November 20, 2007

i had a great time with the trio - james, SA and rhino on the weekend which i have not done for quite some time :)

i had such a lovely time with MB yesterday (although wasnt really planned to see him) that it somehow has helped me reduce certain things or worries in my head. well, partly it is about work... or shall i say, mostly its about work, some about my own personal matter and some about my joelis.

however, my feelings this morning cant be described upon learning of the news from my sister. it doesnt really affect me - as in myself - but i was more concern of joelis' feelings. personally, as a human being, i would express this to all dear readers that, 'having children has huge responsibilities and also maintenance'. it is not just a proof to the whole world that 'your boys can swim'.. or having a child just to show off that you are actually happily married couple or even to tie a relationship... in reality it doesnt work that way. i remembered those days when i was still in my final semester that i had my first child, and i saw the happiness in his eyes and happily saying 'my boys can swim!' and my first thought was, what was he trying to proof? just that? but anyway, those days were history and at present, he has proven to most people that he just doesnt know how to hold up to his responsibility. yeahhh... some may read as i am being bitter. *smile* i am not... in fact i feel sorry for his present and future for having him not solving the current situation or at least get things treated before embarking into another set of god knows what. oh well.... *sigh* the more i write - the more bitter i'd sound. its okay... just getting some whatever out of my chest.

on the other hand, i have done my appraisal and i am very pleased with the outcome of the discussion that i have with my boss. yay! and no, i dont mind relocating for new challenges. and as for my joelis, 'you know i love you both very very much.. and i will do anything (well... that i can :P) to continue making you happy :) vice versa okay :P :P '

i am so looking forward to the weekend... at my friend's wedding!!

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