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by - November 12, 2007

sometimes, when i think i know myself, there are people out there who can see me better... but not necessarily all true... just that, something that i need to think of. :) something that was mentioned to me this morning made me realized... yeahh... she could be right, maybe i am not ready to share my space yet... i need to, and i want to.. at least that is what i think... but in reality or maybe from how people out there see me as i am not ready? *sigh*

i am feeling so stuffed at work right now... and suddenly i received this in my email. it made me smile... and it did make me feel relaxed and better as in... i am still in her mind :)

thinking of the thick and thin, we have been through, i always find the courage when i find you. although at times we fight and argue, you know i will be beside you... And when i need someone for help, i know it will be you! :) :)

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