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p.ramlee the musical ~ my personal review

by - November 01, 2007

to be honest, i wasnt that excited of going. but since everyone is going, so i go lah... untung siapa yang jual ticket tuh... tup tup they got 3 tickets sold for me and my joelis. well anyway, cut the crap... and get to the point. left my office at 7.30pm, had tonnes of things to do... met my family members at istana budaya around 8.10pm. mahemeru was quite a crawl but glad that i managed to reach there and still have ample time to breathe. :P hmmm everyone, well mostly dressed up.. me? with my stripe working shirt and black slacks. how boring.. and i brought my dull sweater along just in case i get cold. lisa was already there, looking sweet in her raya blouse, linen pants and pashmina... and joey looking smart in his black khaki, shirt and red jacket.

by 820pm all of us were ushered to the entrance and look for our seats. i was already feeling sleepy, but getting a little bit excited :D saw tiara and a few ministers just seated behind us. there were 9 of us conquering 2 rows. when the lights went off... with the 1st group performing... i was impressed!!! yeup... and i said to myself 'i wont be sorry for being here!' it was a good effort and entertaining musical play. hey... i was there because it's tiara's! but i have to say something about a few things that i noticed... most of the dancers are errmmm... 'big'... well maybe i am so used to skinny dancers. it did in a way disturbed my focus... :P hahaah... i am so bad!

the props are just superb!! i'd say better and smoother than PGL that i have been to. :) stage movements and all...

i love the train that was brought onto the stage!!! was it a real train?? well it did look like real!! i think i was more excited than joey or lisa!! hahaha :D funny isnt??... off all the effort, i love the train??? hee hee :D well, i am a bit different.

ct as azizah ... hemmm sorry to say but her acting has no impact on me except her undeniable nice voice. her acting was just too restricted. and quite stiff. it doesnt look like she is giving it all in acting... its like 'hmmm okay, i am here.. as azizah... and i am sweet.. errmmm... duuhh... ' thats about it! get what i mean? :) ahh nevermind you've got to watch (if there are still tickets left) or maybe you'd have different opinion about her acting. and even during the final part, everyone looked happy and have enjoyed performing except her... she was so 'maintained'.
atilia as junaidah... nothing special about her either.. when she sings the song, i immediately said to myself, 'thats so atilia' the way she has this lenggok of singing her song.

melissa saila as norizan... this i have to see... heard comments about her singing. but to me, last night she was doing fine! the only thing that she was lacking were perhaps she doesnt act elegant enough... she looked 'bersepah' a bit in her dance and walk... there was nothing wrong with her singing.. tak la mcm suara orang nyanyi karaoke. :P love to see her in her long black dress!!! she has nice figure!

liza hanim as saloma!!!! she was the best!!!!! when she started to sing the song.... everyone clapped and it was soothing... her voice....*sigh* just dont know how to describe it.. was really good!! and her acting was really sweet and natural... and she played the role really well!! bravo... and for a while, i thought i was watching the real 'saloma' on stage!! her sweetness, her softness... her manja-ness, it was excellent!
sean ghazi as p.ramlee... errmmm.. no doubt he has a powerful voice... but he looked like a mat salleh pramlee.. :P he did not impress me. i just cant register him as p.ramlee... maybe if it was ahmad fauzi... it would be better - for me lah... hahaha... i am being ridiculous i know.. but thats just my personal opinion. :)

conclusion: i enjoyed the show... and so did lisa and joey... except that joey fell asleep during the last half hour before it ended. the was a slack for about 15 minutes (technical problem), other than that, it was worth paying for and good effort... and coming from tiara... she has class!! :) the entire performance was brilliant, entertaining and refreshing.

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