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macam-macam ada

by - November 17, 2007

monday 12th nov: was my dad's birthday. went home early since my younger sister and mom have prepared dinner for all. joelis have been wanting to give the birthday present to their granddad for a long time. they bought a guitar and hid it at their music school till 2 weeks before the day arrives :) mug dude made the cupcakes.. the gurls had a dance performance - something like the arabic dance :)

wednesday 14th nov: joey received his 'anugerah cemerlang' he got the second in school for the whole of std 1 children. had a surprise guest for him. :) he looked shocked! hahaha :D thanks WN for coming :) i took the whole day off - spent time with lisa... after the school event, i sent my mom to her office. i went home, had lunch with joelis - bbq lamb... hmm.. nyummm... around 2 pm my younger sister came back from work and took joey and kelly out for peter pan show at istana budaya. lisa and i spent time lazying.. watching tv.. and we went swimming later in the late afternoon.. i made maggee goreng for us (requested by lisa).. he..he..he.. okay apa.. rather than buying at the mamak restaurant for RM5 per pack!! and that was our dinner... and after dinner lisa and i just spent the time time having our girls' talk in the bedroom.. :) hmmm we should do that more often.. really had a relaxed day.

goshhh... i am listening to the radio now... its so boring.. too many lousy advertisements :(

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