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last wedding of the year 2007?

by - November 24, 2007

earlier i was actually nervous of having MB coming over to my parents' house to come and pick me up. i had something to do in the morning, i had my joelis with me. i told MB the day before to be at my parents' house at 12noon but i only arrived from somewhere just 15 minutes before 12! then, i realized that MB has already left his place... was like really early.. :O o'uh.... i quickly went into the shower... and MB arrived.. thanks to my younger sister who kept him company while i got ready. i hope he wasnt feeling that uncomfortable waiting for me :(

10 minutes later, we were out of the house! anyway... beautiful, very well prepared, very the GG... thats how i'd describe GG's wedding :) MB and i were among the earliest. got an inside info that the bride and groom will 'bersanding' at 1230noon and we wanna be there to witness that :P... i felt like attending a garden wedding... hmmm cant remember the last time i attended a wedding.. yeahh... i am not that young, so its like... 'is there anymore of my friends who's just getting married now?' duuhh... GG is way younger than me lah! we ate, went inside and watched GG and hubby on the 'pelamin'. MB get to 'tepung tawar' the bride and groom. :) and we left after taking a picture while the bride and groom had their 'makan beradap'. it was fun... i hope for MB, experiencing attending a malay wedding, with explanations :P check out the photos!

GG looked really beautiful... different... elegant... love her dress and she brings it out very well!

so, i guess that was the last wedding for the year 2007? :) well, at least from someone i know :) wish GG and husband all the best... and semoga kekal ke anak cucu! errmmm... GG, get your hubby to join us diving okay!! ;)

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