Saturday, November 10, 2007

happy birthday dude!

edited: 11th nov 07 [added pics P]
was at tsb last night with a group of friends celebrating SA's birthday. i went to CM's house to get ready for dinner. by the time i got to her house it was almost 7pm. left office a bit late. and after chit chatting, and had the delicious mee cintan at her patio... we finally got upstairs to get ready. and i made CM changed her skirt/dress/blouse a few times... hehehe... :D yeahh... i dont want to be the only one seemed to be overdressed! :P hahaha... anyway, managed to persuade her to wear something not too simple. :P we reached tsb at 930pm. CM's husband was already there waiting for us. we had 2 types of pizzas, ordered lasagna and i dont remember what was the other one. food was good. but the music was not as expected. :( half way having our dinner, Rhino arrived, Nash and the rest... it was quite a good crowd... was nice to see almost everyone there. we had a small cake delivered by midnight.. oh well, it was minutes after midnight coz the organiser turned out to be was not that organised. :P whoopss.. sorry dude... anyway, "SA, hope you had a good time :)" after that the whole group adjourned to another place to continue partying.. somehow, i went straight home. although when i get home, bits of my mind was still with them... i was still awake till about 3am. *sigh* oh yes, my dad borrowed my camera so i cant upload the photos now... :P will do so when he comes home later ;) till then.. stay tuned... more open houses to go to...

i so want to upload more photos but... i cant... :( :P...