Thursday, November 29, 2007

babi hutan?

new terms that we created last night. for people who just dash into other people whom they think are in their way. lol.... well, you know how babi hutan goes right... they'll just push themselves forward without thinking of what is infront of them. i was at the club last night with a few friends... and was pushed by 'babi hutan' a few times... what can we do but laugh at it... :P

right now i am feeling very very tired... been yawning after lunch. trying to get lots of things done.. and yes, i got most of them done ;) attended a corporate dinner last night - pencarian gadis jelita. yeahh as usual, our company bought a table and i was among the lucky ones who get to fill up one of the seats. the theme was 'sentuhan hijau' - 'a touch of green' and i was too busy to think of wearing according to the theme so much, so i ended up wearing my black dress and green earrings and shawl :P dinner was okay.. on the way back, witnessed an accident in front of me. a cab driver hit another driver... and the cab driver drove away.

drove to WR to meet up with some BBGSians... :) and the 3 stooges were at TL... WR was okay.. not so many people, the problem is nobody dance! was pleasantly surprise to meet up with Y there. SA was already at the TL with Rhino.. James joined later.. and half of the night, the girls joined SA, James and Rhino at TL. it was not bad... my first time at TL.. mostly younger crowd... enjoyed the people watching... couldnt get CM to go home :P

CM checked in at the hotel, and we, SS and i bunked in... to get some work done... but... sadly, the file that my colleague sent was too big.. and i couldnt download it. :( the three of us, ended up had a good, mumbling girls talk... and fall asleep half hour later.. and i was early to the office today to get my presentation material ready for my presentation. :) and now, i really missed my joelis very much... :( cant wait to go on a holiday with them.

will upload picts later.... left the memory card reader at home :)