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just need to be you

by - October 23, 2007

it’s nice to just be me. i don’t need to put up my best attire whenever i wanna meet up (although i will be in my best attire 90% for any meet ups) i don’t have to put my make up on all the time. i can be in my most comot state (with my hair pulled up, lousy singlet and shorts) and it’ll still be okay. and i can be naughty whenever i want…. and he knows it without me saying anything.. hmmmmphh… are all these real? with all the above and i still feel comfortable? i can just be me… i have always been who i am… and it is nice to be who i am :P

hmmm looks like i am in my blabber phase again..

have not been feeling so good… flu.. cough… dry throat… don’t feel like doing anything, but to go home and sleep.. but cant really sleep that early. cant even watch tv. just feel like lazying…i wanna go for a holiday… i need a holiday… i wanna be at the beach… i wanna be away from everything and just relax! better still if i can go diving… OMG… blogspot is really slow today… on the day that i want to update my blog… it gets so slow…:( why laaaa…

yes, i am expected to update on the hari raya activities but currently, my mind is not there.. :P its somewhere else.. its like floating… but this blogspot slowness is really testing my patience!! :P :P arrgghhh having a headache now. i wanna write more about how i feel right now, but something says that i shouldn’t… :P i hate it when i have this kind of restriction. why cant i just blurt it out? :O

and… last night she caught me smiling again… :) for no apparent reason.. “ma!! why are you smiling alone - again??” and i went… “ooppss.. heh..heh.heh..:D”

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