i felt it too :)

had an appointment in klcc yesterday at 5pm. i finished work at 430pm but the traffic was really bad - due to the heavy rain i guess. reached klcc at 530pm. waited for a while - and i had my session after that, it ended just around 9pm. already called lisa to tell her that i wont be at home in time for buka and to save some dinner for me. had a few snacks at 710pm and a cup of chinese tea. smsed WN coz i know he's in klcc. we said hi to each other before i left klcc.. and guess what... i could not find my car... hemmmm... it took me half an hour to locate my car :D :P i was so sure but i actually went to the wrong side of klcc...duhh... luckily i did not pay my parking ticket yet :P heh...heh... was too hungry already, i guess. finally found my right parking spot... got my car and drove home. joey was already sleepy... i went for a quick shower and went straight to bed...

on they way back from klcc, as i was thinking of him - if he has already gone to sleep ~ i received his sms and this time it brings wider smile on my face.. :P * i miss him too* and i am counting the days for his return :P har har har... emo.. :P kawan babe... kawan...


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