Tuesday, October 2, 2007

gals nite out

had a great time with the gals last night for buka puasa. we tried a new place... although not that new to urma. i had good food. fried mee hoon was delicious... tasted just right. :) had the mussels, mix vege.. (thats when i smsed MB) hahaha... yea... having mix vege reminds me of MB.. maybe it started with our diving trip few months back.. [gosh... i miss diving!!!] and teh tarik is a must for buka puasa outside :). oh yess... and the sate.... nyumm...nyum... they marinate it just so purfecctt.. after a break, i dont think i can take anymore food.. errmm... the gals were persuading me to try the lamb... aahh.. ok la... i got maybe 2 bites.. and cant take anymore... ended with fruits :) ohhh... i forgot, the place is called 'halia' at the sime darby convention centre.. i was feeling a bit...bluecchhh at the office... later got a call fm a fren before that and wanted to meet up.. so after that, went ahead for the meet up.. i hope, they are willing to accept my proposal. got home 1030pm, lisa was already asleep with my younger sister. i went straight to my mom's room to update her on the meet up.. and checked on joey. he was still up watching tv in my mom's room. went back to the room, and just when i think of him.. his sms arrived.. :P yeahhh sometimes human mind is just superb! and i woke up this morning at 5am for sahur, and did not sleep back after that...printed out some raya cards for my parents.. i am quite surprised that i am feeling great this morning :)

just needed to say this... the only mascara that i am satisfied with is, estee lauder... love what it did to my eye lashes :P :P hahahaha....gals thing!!! and.... the eyeliner too...