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are u addicted to the internet?

by - October 01, 2007

hehehe :D what a question... well, but what i know, i have gone crazy for not getting to get connected to the internet in the weekend. shucckkss!!! the thing is, i was connected but there's something not right with the laptop. :( mann... and i was like... aarrgghhhh..... and in the end, decided to take a 3 hours nap in the afternoon... after smsing my frustration to MB :P yeahh... and i wanted to get connected coz he found me on facebook! chehh... i cant hide, can i? :P

i will be writing/typing this not in a proper manner okay, coz, i will just write/type whatever that come across my mind.

since i slept for 3 hours in the afternoon, i was feeling a bit weak.later at night. decided to follow my sister, with joelis and my mom to kota damansara... doing nothing, in the car, just wanted to get out of the house. had a healthy buka puasa... no rice :P just bread and curry.. 2 slices of papaya and air kelapa! after we came back from kota damansara, i tried to watch csi... before MB converted me to watch channel 78! btw, i found that channel first :P and i flipped channels after that in between advertisements... until we exchanged good nites just by midnight. :)

meet up with MB in one of the days last weekend. :) love the pizzass... yummm yumm... and dessert after that ;) waffle + slices of banana + ice cream!! and... to end the day... another wonderful evening indeed :)

youngest sister had her birthday party at home... with lots of young guys.. heh ...heh.. and finally get to see the guy in person, the guy whom she always mention :P the birthday cake vanished after only a few minutes!

towards end of the weekend, spent time with joelis... taking pictures (again?!) hehhe :D arrghhh... *iklan* what is wrong with the internet??!! shucksss....

errmmm... anybody has a nailclipper? just ignore me for a while... this slow connection has caused me a bit of brain damage.. :P

oh yea... i watched a documentary about 'what men want' aahhh.. finally.. all those questions... and here are what one of the guys comments were:

i dont like:
if she smokes in between courses
if she drinks her wine wrongly (like how aahh??)
doesnt do this
doesnt do that

i will not date a woman who works as a p^%n model
etc.. etc... and not forgetting their comments about women & s*#??!! wtf!!!

save me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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