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thats what i can think of - the title. had smoothies yesterday with MB.. slurrpp.. the mango smoothies was delicious!! and had a taste of MB's smoothies - mixed of strawberry and mango... delicious too!! it was really hot and i was sweating and getting feeling sticky. we moved from one restaurant to another. had a good chat with MB... hmmm its like... errmm.. when there are things in my head, but i just dont feel like talking about it... and he will start talking about it.. :) its like a mind reading game :P it was a short meet up since MB has his basketball later.. looking forward to meet up again :) on the way back, i saw james car... hhehehe :D whooppss..

went to my old neighbour's house for hari raya yesterday. it was good.. we have not been really seeing each other eversince i have moved to my parents' place. lisa was busy playing with her friends and joey got stuck playing the PS2.

havent been writing in my blog for quite some time. dont wanna write the same things ove…

just need to be you

it’s nice to just be me. i don’t need to put up my best attire whenever i wanna meet up (although i will be in my best attire 90% for any meet ups) i don’t have to put my make up on all the time. i can be in my most comot state (with my hair pulled up, lousy singlet and shorts) and it’ll still be okay. and i can be naughty whenever i want…. and he knows it without me saying anything.. hmmmmphh… are all these real? with all the above and i still feel comfortable? i can just be me… i have always been who i am… and it is nice to be who i am :P

hmmm looks like i am in my blabber phase again..

have not been feeling so good… flu.. cough… dry throat… don’t feel like doing anything, but to go home and sleep.. but cant really sleep that early. cant even watch tv. just feel like lazying…i wanna go for a holiday… i need a holiday… i wanna be at the beach… i wanna be away from everything and just relax! better still if i can go diving… OMG… blogspot is really slow today… on the day that i want to u…

nazam lebaran

the song that i am listening to now :) my fav raya song. i am back at work, since yesterday actually. office is still quiet, lots of staff taking the whole week off. had this comment from RR about my blog just before raya holidays... 'mcm blog remaja' hahaha :D siot jer.. alaa relak la brader... kasi chan... :P

raya was good this year... busy but relaxed busy. many guests at home.. from morning till night, but with the assistance of 2 helpers, okay sikit... and us sisters kind of took turn. 1st day raya, a few families - friends of my parents came for visit.. lasted till after maghrib. 2nd raya, drove up to kuala selangor till night. 3rd raya drove up to banting, and later covered shah alam area, my aunt's and cousin's house. 4th raya, open house for my parents' relatives, brothers and sisters. and 5th raya... i am back at the office :)

MB is back! will not elaborate more... heehee.... :D :D :D we met up for a short visit last night and i got my souvenior.. yey... it…

selamat hari raya!

90% of the staffs have gone home :) just a few of us still here.. heh..heh.. work hard? what to do... services company :) its gonna be a long and exciting weekend for me and my whole family. hari raya is gonna be on saturday. i wont be online for the whole weekend :) means... off from blogging and off from facebook :P... but will still be on sms... for sure :)

well, nothing else to update except for last minute shopping for lisa... and as usual [annual event] every raya eve, me and my sisters and mom will be visiting the shopping complexes for lelong stuffs hehehe :D best giler... haspening ;P

oh yes, i received duit raya this year!! heh..heh...wwuuhhuuuu... tor che tor che... murah rezeki :) stay tuned for updates and pics of raya 2007!! till then take care.. drive safely for those who'll be driving :)

i felt it too :)

had an appointment in klcc yesterday at 5pm. i finished work at 430pm but the traffic was really bad - due to the heavy rain i guess. reached klcc at 530pm. waited for a while - and i had my session after that, it ended just around 9pm. already called lisa to tell her that i wont be at home in time for buka and to save some dinner for me. had a few snacks at 710pm and a cup of chinese tea. smsed WN coz i know he's in klcc. we said hi to each other before i left klcc.. and guess what... i could not find my car... hemmmm... it took me half an hour to locate my car :D :P i was so sure but i actually went to the wrong side of klcc...duhh... luckily i did not pay my parking ticket yet :P heh...heh... was too hungry already, i guess. finally found my right parking spot... got my car and drove home. joey was already sleepy... i went for a quick shower and went straight to bed...

on they way back from klcc, as i was thinking of him - if he has already gone to sleep ~ i received his sms and…

close to you

i have so many things to do before the raya break.. but my mind seems to be elsewhere.. :P

btw, joelis dad is getting better :) alhamdulillah. he brought joelis out shopping 2 weeks ago, and i gave him the list of things that needed to be bought. now, i just need to get 1 more pair of baju kurung for lisa which i have not succeeded yet. just could not find the right shade of red yet.

the addiction of writing in the blog - wanting so much to say - just that dont know what, how to put it into words.. i am just grateful for everything/everyone given to me :) just so thankful - amat bersyukur. things/people who has lighten up my life, given me the happiness or even the chance of feeling alive again.. although i'd understand if He might take that happiness away from me. but please, let me enjoy the journey, ya Allah... let me have that feeling again.

to all my loyal beloved readers - selamat hari raya, maaf zahir dan batin, please forgive me for all my wrong doings - if i have written som…

love hurts

i was resting on my bed after breaking fast last night. he ran into the room and straight away jumped on me! hugged me and kissed me... and this was what came out of his mouth:

joey: wow... maa... love hurts!
me: huh? what? *laughing* what did you say?
joey: well... love hurts!
me: hehehehe...:D why did you say that? where did you learn that?
joey: it is, see... *he hugged me and i hugged him back* it hurts when we hug or hold too tight!
me: laaa... *still laughing* yeahhh you've got a point there :)

and he left me alone in the room - still smiling while he watched the cartoon.

something is amiss..... and i wonder what... ;)

ready guys!!

mood: sleepy .. something is missing :P :P wakakakaka and that's a pic of my sleepy face at the office :P very very very unproductive day today... cant even think straight.. i am like a useless person just the same as when you talk to me after i got up from sleep. its like.. i talk but i dont know what i am talking about. :S eerrrrr... no good huh... trying so hard to keep myself awake!
nice moments: fetched MB after sahur, sent him to the airport. really nice to get to see him before he goes back to OZ for his masters basketball. well, actually did not plan to do that, just that i was already at the office .. too early in the morning. so decided to sent him straight to the airport... :) :) met AI at the airport... he looked 'segak' despite the tired looking face. i was excited when i saw him... smiled immediately and as we walked passed him, i wished him, 'assalamualaikum' and smiled... i forgot whether he is a Dato Sri now or Tan Sri... eerrkkss.. he answered and …

gals nite out

had a great time with the gals last night for buka puasa. we tried a new place... although not that new to urma. i had good food. fried mee hoon was delicious... tasted just right. :) had the mussels, mix vege.. (thats when i smsed MB) hahaha... yea... having mix vege reminds me of MB.. maybe it started with our diving trip few months back.. [gosh... i miss diving!!!] and teh tarik is a must for buka puasa outside :). oh yess... and the sate.... nyumm...nyum... they marinate it just so purfecctt.. after a break, i dont think i can take anymore food.. errmm... the gals were persuading me to try the lamb... aahh.. ok la... i got maybe 2 bites.. and cant take anymore... ended with fruits :) ohhh... i forgot, the place is called 'halia' at the sime darby convention centre.. i was feeling a bit...bluecchhh at the office... later got a call fm a fren before that and wanted to meet up.. so after that, went ahead for the meet up.. i hope, they are willing to accept my proposal. got ho…

are u addicted to the internet?

hehehe :D what a question... well, but what i know, i have gone crazy for not getting to get connected to the internet in the weekend. shucckkss!!! the thing is, i was connected but there's something not right with the laptop. :( mann... and i was like... aarrgghhhh..... and in the end, decided to take a 3 hours nap in the afternoon... after smsing my frustration to MB :P yeahh... and i wanted to get connected coz he found me on facebook! chehh... i cant hide, can i? :P

i will be writing/typing this not in a proper manner okay, coz, i will just write/type whatever that come across my mind.

since i slept for 3 hours in the afternoon, i was feeling a bit weak.later at night. decided to follow my sister, with joelis and my mom to kota damansara... doing nothing, in the car, just wanted to get out of the house. had a healthy buka puasa... no rice :P just bread and curry.. 2 slices of papaya and air kelapa! after we came back from kota damansara, i tried to watch csi... before MB convert…