Wednesday, September 5, 2007

what is 'ego'?

friend or foe?

". .. . the agonized ego is a ring of defense around nothing." - Alan Watts

It is what gets in the way of experiencing happiness; so when "it" is absent, happiness is experienced.

Ego is "that emotional and psychological knot in consciousness that is the fundamental cause of the sense of separation from all of life. From the spiritual perspective, this is defined as pride, self-importance, and the narcissistic need to always see oneself as being separate – separate from others, separate from the world, separate from the whole universe. Ego is a love-denying obsession with separation, narcissism, and self-concern." Andrew Cohen

who am i?

Why do you need to "know yourself"?

Because what you are at present - what you think you are -is not yourself. That's why you, and most people - are never really content for long: you know, unconsciously, that you are not yourself. Consequently, you feel insecure, uncertain, and even afraid. Inside you is a wonderful, helpful, loving, and uniquely creative being. You know it . . . at least sometimes. But that loving, creative "you" is very difficult to externalize and bring into the world . . ."- Barry Long

read these on the internet... and i like what it says... :)