Monday, September 10, 2007

bulletin 3 sept 07 - 9 sept 07

the week did not start very good. had a few hiccups here and there :( ... and somehow it has brought me down a bit.. but alhamdulillah, it picks up slowly towards the end of the week.. and what makes me feel better is when i learned below... hehehe :D :P sometimes life is too short to dwell on certain things

“what is ego….”
it is what gets in the way of experiencing happiness; so when "it" is absent, happiness is experienced.

so, i decided, to just be myself, as always :) and if i live to think of what other people think, i'd just be &^%@#

and yeah... ~ people watching activity in bangsar started the nice relaxing weekend although the question remains unanswered, was it a 'he' or a 'she'? hahaha :D

anyway, attended a relative's engagement ceremony on saturday morning, and while waiting for the group from the guy's side to arrive, we filled our time by playing with my camera :) the ceremony was sweet, short and beautiful. but when bride-to-be hugged her dad, it brings tears to most of the guests, me included. my uncle is suffering from brain tumor now and yiot is his 1st child.. so.. yeah... it gets a bit emotional.. here are a few pics from the ceremony.
yiot --> congratulations! semoga bahagia berpanjangan :)

food was good.. i get to see my mak tok who brings good news :) that puts a smile on my face thru out the weekend. and also, ein will remember, always, that there are people out there waiting to take advantage of whatever situation :)

joelis attended parties on saturday and sunday, that gives me a few hours to be with myself.. and as usual, will try to take a nap, but.. it was only for a while.

anugerah era on tv that night was entertaining.. joey fell asleep in my arms while watching tv on the sofa :) and lisa fell asleep half hour before anugerah era ended. :D and in the end, i watched it alone. and... cant run away from anuar zain!!! aaahhh... no, i dont dislike him, just that sometimes cant listen to his songs for too long... too dragging... helpp... :D

sunday nite attended a dinner with my younger sister and parents in putrajaya. it was more glam than the glam dinner that i attended... and.. i did not have to buy a new dress, shoes or accessories!! hahaha..