Friday, September 7, 2007

think happy thots

i am just so happy today.. all of a sudden i just felt happy!! :) just finished attending 2 meetings in the morning and love with the result of the project, and i just feel good about myself :) yey..yey.. and yey!! :D

had a good dancercise session yesterday with CM. after 2 months break starting last june. i started the class again last nite coz CM wants to register herself. i wasnt panting or anything just that was a bit lazy during some of the dance steps... hehehe :D it was a good time being with CM too after so long, we get to catch up on a few things. she has been busy with her business and so am i with other things :P so, it was good laa... had a good talk, chat, gossip, laugh... sad stories to share too... whatever you name it lah.. CM and i have been friends since we were in primary school, and she is a friend that i can rely on at any times.. when i had my toughest time somewhere years back and i took a vacation to adelaide, stayed at her house for a few days, and she has been very supportive.. :) thank you CM, you are the best! and as i was driving on the way to work this morning, i remembered one of our conversation last night that actually made me laugh in the car alone... hehehe.. remembered when she said, 'you liar!!' hahahaha :P and i was there seated embarrassed.. chihhh... yeup... i am a bad liar... :D well anyway, posted a pic of us when we attended the F1 early this year. :)

gonna be a busy weekend.. joelis will be attending parties... and i will be busy cleaning up the house.. raya is coming.. remember.. ;) :P

there's something amiss tho... apa ye? :P :P