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selamat berpuasa

by - September 13, 2007

today is the 1st day of puasa. :) joey went for terawikh last night with my dad. he was excited about it. i went back early yesterday, reached home about 640pm. we had dinner right after maghrib and joey immediately went upstairs to change into his baju melayu :) hehehe :D the baju melayu was already too small for him.. i brought him back to the room and changed to a better one. dlm hati 'kesian anak aku, dah kecik baju melayu dia...' ye la... beli baju melayu sekali setahun jer... lupa, kadang2 pergi kenduri, joey suka jugak pakai baju melayu. :) joelis got up at 430am this morning for sahur. lisa, senang sikit kejut coz, she slept early, but joey... hmmm tough sikit :) and since its the first day, joey makan pun tak berapa selera. but okay lah, at least dia makan :) tak sabar rasanya nak balik buka sama2 today.. tapi... kereta tak de :( well anyway, i am so looking forward for hari raya this time :)

sementara joey went for his terawikh.. lisa and i were in our room. and we had a wonderful time chatting and lisa was telling me about her friend. and i had a good laugh listening to her.. lol!! until i had tears running down my cheek.. :D :D susah nak cerita kat sini... :D her friend is the talkative type, and lisa is not... so i was asking her last night how do they communicate :D and she was describing that and she wanted to talk but she was tired, so she kinda cut her story short... etc..etc... but it was funny lah.. :D :P

and i think it's the first time this year that i put my hp on silent mode for messages. :) last nite i received lots of the usual selamat berpuasa wishes from friends but i was already asleep. i am allergic to sms sounds... hehehe :D it gives me a headache to get up each time an sms comes in... and since nak bangkit awal for sahur... and dah ckp good nite kat... errmm :D :P i decided to put my hp on silent... hmm baru lega tido... :D nevertheless... thank you all for the messages :D

i was browsing thru my friend's page just now. love her photoshoot work. the strange thing is, its tiring to concentrate looking a them.. :O hemmm.. pelik kan.. maybe my brain is just tired... *sigh* :P

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