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ouch.. :(

by - September 18, 2007

had tummy upset since sunday night after buka :( ermm not good.. not good... went to work anyway on monday... felt like a zombie :( my head is light and spinning.. confession.. didnt do much work yesterday.. :( had a meeting in the morning. still working on my office's website. well, doing that kept me occupied the whole day. went back at 430pm...yey... left the office at 445pm :D first time after working here for almost 10 years, i went back early during fasting month. pergghh... road is clear baby!!! wuuhuuu.. although i have to pick up my youngest sister in pusat bandar damansara. was so happy that i reached home at 540pm... smsed MB :) and too bad he got stuck in the jam...:( and that was at 550pm when he replied to my sms. a few minutes after i got home, joelis came back from school... they looked cheerful although they were fasting.. hmm not bad. getting used to it :) my youngest sister had her friends coming over for buka puasa.. ;) okay laa.. the more the merrier. i had fried mee hoon and some kuih. the ikan pari masak assam look delicious but with my tummy condition, dare not take anything spicy at the moment :P my eldest sister and family came over and was with us till terawikh. she brought with her the red baju melayu that she bought for joey. looks nice on him, although it is slightly too big. need to alter the pants and also the sleeves. yeupp... red this year, insyaAllah. i havent bought mine and lisa's yet. probably we'll just buy a ready made baju kebaya. yes AS, ;) i will get 1 kebaya this year! ;) later i went upstairs and watched csi ny wuuhuuu.. my fav!! planned to watch the 11pm csi, but after hugging joey and lisa at 1030pm... i dozzed off... zzzzzzzz....

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