Tuesday, September 4, 2007

my horoscope

waaa talking about coincidence... :P read this..

Horoscope for September 4, 2007
Cancer (Jun 22 - Jul 22)
The Bottom Line
You have a lot of emotions that you just don't need any more. Talk them out today.
In Detail
There is a lot of transition going on in your life right now, and there is a great opportunity for you to get rid of emotions, ideas and physical goods that you just don't need any more. The classic saying 'out with the old and in with the new' has never been more applicable for you. Toss out the phone numbers of people you will never call, and delete those emails that remind you of unpleasant memories. Clean the slate and give yourself a blank canvas to work on.

ein: you know, when a dj takes a break, they will switched on the prerecorded songs to be played... and i guess, i will be doing the same thing... i'd better stop blogging for a while before i start to say/write things that are unappropriate, or hurt other people... with that.... people... enjoy the song, by Rossa

Artist: Rossa
Tergoda aku 'tuk berfikir
Dia yang tercinta
Mengapa t'lah lama tak nampak
Dirimu disini
Jangankan ingin ku tersenyum
Tak ada gairah
Kuingin s'lalu bersamamu
Kini ku resah...
Diriku lemah tanpamu
Oh... oh...
Gapai semua jemariku
Rangkul aku dalam bahagiamu
Kuingin bersama berdua selamanya
Jika kubuka mata ini
Kuingin s'lalu ada dirimu
Dalam kelemahan hati ini

Aku tegar...

Aku tegar