Saturday, September 15, 2007

joey's 1st day puasa

he was pretty active in the morning, forgot that he was fasting. got up and played bicycle. :D by the time he got back from school, he was already crying :D complaining that he has tummy ache. when i got back from work he was already lying down on the bed.. kesian joey.. i hugged him and whispered to him that he only needed to wait for another 45 minutes :) thats him still in his school uniform, pengsan on the bed :D --->

that only happens on the 1st day, after that, he has been doing quite well. and been going for terawikh with my dad at the mosque. :) alhamdulillah...

the children were excited during buka puasa. ye laa... first day kan.. :) we had the puasa chart ready on the noticeboard at home. the first day, they had baked macaroni for buaka puasa + air sirap bandung. imran and kelly (my nephew and niece) wanted to break their fast at our house. kesian, my elder sister and bro-in-law had to went back without them, and came back again to join us later.

hmmm thats about it... for 1st day puasa news :P