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his call

by - September 28, 2007

heheheh :D yeahh.. he called when i was on the way out for a break.. asking for money.. again... asked me where did i put the money for him before i left for work. and my response was,
'i did not leave any money for you sayang..' and he went,
'maaa... why?' :D i smiled...
'coz its fasting month... and you dont need to buy anything from the canteen'
hee...hee... yeah it was my lil joey... he was asking for his pocket money for school.. byk hal laa.. nak beli gam lah, sharpener lah, eraser lah.. btw.. he has this one friend in school who bullies him la.. what should i do eh? the latest, this boy hit his fingers with a ruler till there is a cut on his finger.. the cut was not that big la... i wrote a letter to his teacher requested to change his seat in the class, but this boy will still go back to him.. maybe the way they play was harsh.. *sigh* i dunno.. i dont wanna be over protective but, i dont want to see my son gets hurt either.. :( and the thing is, joey keeps on losing his eraser, pencils.. etc.. coz this boy will take it from him..

oh well... have a good weekend everyone...!! coz, i know i will have a wonderful weekend, starting, today! ;) :*

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